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1.What is TIMEPLACE.ME ?
2.How to find an event ?
3.How to create an event publication ?
4.Personal page?
Do I have to pay for that?
5.What is FLASH-EVENT ?
6.Is it free to create and publish the flash-event?
7.What if I want to create more than 3 simultaneous events?
8.Subscribtion? I need more details about that


“it's a portal and mobile application with integrated capabilities of social network that helps you to learn everything about upcoming events, wherever you are”... That's true, but sounds pretty boring, doesn't it?
TIMEPLACE.ME is more than just this description.

let's just imagine that our whole life is a huge series of ever-changing events, and our mission here is to provide a wide choice of how people live this "today" according to their personal preferences. This project was created with love for an active lifestyle: a new experience, travel, sports, dating etc

Our goal is to help people who create interesting, amazing, unique events and projects in order to attract as much attention as possible to them. On the other side, we want to help people to find any event in 3 clicks.

Sometimes a lot of wonderfull events just passes by us for a few reasons: creator of the event couldn't promote it well (advertising might cost a lot and not always effective), sometimes people don't know where to find the relevant information (for example, if you come to a new city/country you not always know the local web-sites and places), information about upcoming events might be mixed up with irrelevant “internet rubbish”.
TIMEPLACE.ME solves those problems.


How to find an event ?

1) By typing the keyword in the search line.

Example: “soccer”
Further will be formed a tape from the events of your city (or the city that you choose) related to soccer.

2) Search by categories.

Example: among all the categories you need to choose “sport”- then subcategory “soccer”.

3) Search with the map of events.

Example: type “soccer” in the search line, and then the map displays all upcoming soccer-related events and places marked by special sign (!).

Important: the search option is available to all users (even without registration).


How to create an event publication ?

1) Register here (fast and easy way to make your own personal page and publish 3 simultaneous events * absolutely free).

* events that were published by you, and haven't occurred yet; if, for example, one of them has already occurred, it automatically disappears from the event's tape, and that means you can create another free event

2) Press the “create event” button.

3) Fill in the event information fields.

4) Add foto and video content (not obligatory, but always good for the event promotion).

5) Press the “publish” button... and it's done!

6) Then you can repost an event through the most popular social networks, invite all our friends from timeplace.me using “send an invitation” button, form the group of the event, discuss it with timeplace.me messenger.


Personal page? Do I have to pay for that?

No, it's absolutely free. On your choise we have different ways for register : by using your accounts in social networks or by e-mail. After regestering you can fill the information about yourself, add fotos (up to 5 only, because TIMEPLACE.ME is more about events, and we know what portal you already use to show your great pictures). Then you can find people you might know or want to know, invite them to a group of interests, send an invitation to an interesting event to someone, just chat and have fun.



1) “Black friday” every day!

2) It might be anything : great fasion butique sale, unique promo action in the bar or restaurant, an urgent sale of the ramaning tickets for some event ... Anything!

3) Main rule : flash-event lasts no more than 24 hours – take your chance right here, right now !


Is it free to create and publish the flash-event?

Let's understand together: such publications are able to attract huge attention to your event or business and, undoubtedly, will help you to earn good money.

Therefore, we decided that you will not object if we act honestly and assign a small price to them. Anyway, we made the pretty flexible price range, check it here


What if I want to create more than 3 simultaneous events?

1) You can additionally buy the blocks of events right here

2) ... or you can by the Subscribtion with wider number of publications.


Subscribtion? I need more details about that

First of all, we need to say that Subscribtion is a great marketing tool for you business promotion. That's why it's good for places and companies that generate interesting events.

With the Subscribtion your company gets the page of place – mini-site inside the TIMEPLACE.ME, - with description of the place, foto and video content, all the information about upcoming events of this place, conection unit (installed all popular messengers), constant point on the map,participation with your events in Random Shot Game, and what is more important – lots of publications! (flash-events not included in subscribtion, it's always an additional option)

1. What?
2. What else?
3. Why for?
4. Once again
5. About time
6. About events
7. Rrrules
8. Warning
9. Another one
10. Some lyrics


Timeplace.me - created for homo sapiens, in order to provide contact between the creators of the events and the users who are looking for the events


What else?

Timeplace.me is an event aggregator with a “+” sign. That's for sure


Why for?

Behind each event there are people: creative, courageous, initiative. We understand that our civilization rests on your shoulders. Timeplace.me is here to help you


Once again

Each event publication on Timeplace.me has two main characteristics: time and place - that's pretty obvious but anyway :)


About time

Only upcoming events are published in search line, on Timeplace.me maps. When the time of the event comes, the publication is transferred from the tape of events to the archive of its creator. When the event ends, the event point on the map disappears


About events

All search feeds are built on the same principle: the nearest publication of the event is higher in the line, so we will deliver to your user even the smallest event



We do not publish:

  • ads for sale
  • job ads
  • rental ads
  • declarations of independence, declaration of war or peace
  • screams of body and soul
  • pornography and other inappropriate content


Timeplace.me is not responsible for the quality of events posted on the site. Be careful, the Internet is full of scammers and hooligans!


Another one

Lack of publication of the event on Timeplace.me does not guarantee that it does not exist


Some lyrics

The harsh truth: places are not interesting if nothing happens in them. Absolutely. An elegantly furnished restaurant or museum will surely evoke emotions (oh, how beautiful!), But only for a moment. Then this emotion will be blocked by the number of the same instantaneous “ohs”, which, having mixed up, will remain on the edge of memory. Only feelings will not be forgotten ... Feelings caused not only by the presence, but also by participation. They will remain in memory forever. Just note and don't ever forget about it !



For creator

  • available after registration
  • worldwide
  • easy way for publishing
  • 3 simoultaneous events for free
  • repost it instantly to popular networks
  • invite people using our messaging service

For searcher

  • easy to find (12 main categories and subcategories)
  • do what you like to do or discover some new experience wherewer you are
  • upcoming events only (arranged by dates where the closest event appears first)
  • even without registration
  • invite your friends from Timeplace.me

For creator

  • new interesting way for promotion of place/event
  • great opportunity to make special event for someone out of something that usually is not considered as an event
  • for subscribers only

For searcher

  • exiting game
  • hint about how to spend some time
  • try your luck
  • brake your frames
  • get bonus from organizer

For creator

  • great for attracting attention
  • fast way to sell left overs, increase turnover etc
  • the best for urgent events

For searcher

  • short (lasts 24 hours only)
  • always a good deal
  • easy to filter from regular events in certain category with the flash-switcher


  • Morning exercises in the park Regular / Random / Flash
  • Home party Regular / Flash
  • Any charity event Regular / Flash (especially if urgent help is needed) / Random
  • New menu testing Regular / Random
  • Cooking master-class Regular / Random / Flash
  • Base jumping offer Random / Flash
  • Getting tattoo Random / Flash
  • Yoga opened class Regular / Flash / Random
  • Pole-fitness master class Regular / Flash / Random
  • Pet's exibition Regular / Random
  • Sport/s contests Regular / Random
  • Discounted season tickets from the fitness-club offer Flash
  • Meeting, conference, concert Regular / Random
  • Last minute trip offer Random / Flash
1.What is Partner content?
2.Who are the Partners?
3.Is it different from other advertisements?
4.How will this content look like?

What is Partner content? Is it different from other content?

Yes, it's different. It's a content that we made with our Sponsors


Who are the Partners?

Partners are creators of different events on TIMEPLACE.ME who want to let people know something interesting concerning their business in some sort of unobtrusive way. So we develop their concepts together.


Is it different from other advertisements?

Yes, it won't be an advertisement in its regular meaning: no pop-up annoying windows with calling for direct buying, but interesting tests, questionnaires, new facts about something in the certain field. This presentation method is not identified as an advertisement and does not cause the rejection of audience therefore, it helps increase clicks, sales and other targeted actions.


How will this content look like?

Partner content will be visually decorated as a publication of the event, and will find its target audience in the general tape of events according to specified categories and subcategories.

Native advertising examples


Good advices about how to NOT get along with pole dancers

From our partners

1) Be sure to ask if they have decided to do a striptease
2) Report them immediately that bruises and scratches are absolutely not attractive
3) If you're talking to a girl, tell her that she will be muscular and not beautiful
4) Ask them, if they're planning to keep ...


Myths about Portuguese language

From our partners

Myth One: Portuguese is a rare language, not so many people speak it all over the world It is true that within Europe, this language is spoken only in Portugal itself, and it is not the largest country. But the glorious era of the XV-XVI centuries, a milestone of inventions and the greatest geographical discoveries, contributed to the popularization of the ...


Portuguese people: find out the difference or die (or what you should get to know BEFORE)

From our partners

1)their time flows in its own way Amanhã, which means “tomorrow,” is the favorite word of the Portuguese. The slowness of the inhabitants of the most western country in Europe is expressed in everything. They like to postpone things for the next day, and then for another ...

Get it!
1.What is Random shot?
2.Rule of the game
3.What's the point ?
4.What kind of event might it be ?
5.Any event organizer will be eligible to participate in Random Shot with their events?

What is Random shot ?

Random shot – the mind blowing game on TIMEPLACE.ME which is available for each registered customer who wants to try luck, maybe make the borders wider or delete them completely.


Rule of the game

TIMEPLACE.ME offers you up to 5 random events in certain city, and if you are brave enough for taking the challenge and participate in one of them, you'll get the bonus from TIMEPLACE.ME or from the event organizer


What's the point ?

The main point is the secret, wonderment, sudenness... Sometimes people just love and need that, let's face it!


What kind of event might it be ?

It might be anything ! From plane piloting to some cooking master class. Might be something usual and the oppossite – irregular, strange, maybe even frightening:)... but exiting and interesting for sure!


Any event organizer will be eligible to participate in Random Shot with their events ?

This option will be included in each Subscribtion offer for the organizer.